Lily Lactation



Erin has been a crucial resource for me in successfully breastfeeding.  I assumed I knew what I needed to know already (because I’ve done it once before).  But each baby has their own specific needs and nuances.  Erin helped me identify my son’s specific needs, work around my body’s difficulties, and succeed despite some challenges.  She gave me solid information backed by research and encouragement to keep going.  She has a passion for serving mothers and for seeing them happily succeed at breastfeeding!




You make yourself available and you’re so down to earth which brings great comfort when you’re a new mommy.  You’re encouraging and so understanding too!!! You really helped me feel confident with breastfeeding. You helped me understand how to do it on my own. Even though the nurses were great in the hospital I had them there to help 24-7…which caused stress when I got home because I didn’t have those extra hands. You gave me a simple tip with how to help get a good latch… The hamburger method! I still remember that every time I breastfeed.




Erin was a huge resource for me during the early days of breastfeeding. There are so many obstacles I was unaware of how to handle, such as how long to nurse, getting a good latch, dealing with a clogged duct, etc. Through Erin’s help and the resources she directed me to, 9 months later I am still successfully nursing my baby girl and I plan to continue until she self weans.